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We are a fast growing company with a focus on culture and a passion for investing in people, helping them to develop into the best versions of themselves.

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JOE & THE JUICE is much more than juice, coffee & sandwiches. We are highly passioned people that love what we do! We offer a great work environment where you can develop your own abilities in a diverse culture. By working at JOE & THE JUICE you become part of a great family that welcomes all individuals with open arms. Watch some of our employees from around the world provide their view on working at JOE & THE JUICE. Join our family now - you won't regret it!



Juicer, 21 years

"You have the chance to make a difference at your work place by being positive, inspiring your colleagues and being a brand ambassador every day. The fact that you meet so many different people, develops you as a person and develops your personality as well."

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Shift Manager, 24 years

"We show how to lead the way and show others how things are done. For me, the perk of being a shift manager, is that you learn that all people are not the same - everyone is different. You need to take an individual approach with the new juicers, show them the JOE ambience. Being a shift manager teaches me quite a lot. Especially the part of working with people because what you learn from that you can bring with you in your future career. For me the role is a blast."

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Bar Manager, 26 years

"The bar manager in in charge of the store. We have to lead and develop our team. The way I do it, is through team meetings and personal communication. It is very important to talk to the juicers and understand their problems, difficulties or trouble with their training. As a bar manager, you are the one that your Regional Manager trusts to operate the store at an optimal level. That is why I think the position is one of the most important in the company."

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Regional Manager, 28 years

"When you are a bar manager, you learn how to perform with your team. As a regional manager, you learn how to perform through other people. Dealing with KPI’s and juicer training, you have to be very human as a regional manager - you cannot be indifferent. You have to be a responsible mentor. I think that giving both bar managers, shift managers and juicers a purpose for working in JOE is part of being a regional manager. You come to work with a purpose, and not just for a paycheck."

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In JOE & THE JUICE, we want to create leaders from within and make sure, that our talents have structured and well-managed career paths globally. Therefore, we created an operational framework that we call Moneyball. Moneyball is a ranking system within our operation that explains all the different career levels from Juicer to Country Manager.

Get an overview of our Moneyball system and read the descriptions for each career level below:



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Juicers are the face of the company. They are our brand ambassadors and follow our workflow. Their main task is to provide the ultimate JOE experience for both our guests and team.


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Shift Manager is the preparation level to become Bar Manager by developing and mastering management responsibilities and transferring knowledge to the juicers.


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The Daily Store Manager is responsible for the daily management of a low turnover store and in charge of training Juicer trainees. It is a preparation level to become Bar Manager by developing and mastering basic management responsibilities.


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Bar Manager is the most important position in JOE & THE JUICE! A Bar Manager leads their own store and team and is in charge of its operational performance.

05. SWAT

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A SWAT is part of a mobile management team who travel from project to project to improve each bar with advanced training and concept engineering.


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A Regional Manager has the responsibility for executing and implementing operational excellence in a region of 2-10 stores and is qualifying and validating all training within his/her region.


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A Purchasing Manager has a GET THINGS DONE attitude to work and handles all supplier dialogues and oversees waste control for an entire market.


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A HR Manager is responsible for absorbing operational information to create perfect shiftplanning, scout new talents and on-board new juicers.


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A Training Manager makes sure that our employees are engaged on all levels within a specific market. Their main training efforts are towards the Regional Managers while maintaining and developing training levels.


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An Operation Manager drives all effort through the Regional Manager team who then implements it in the stores. Their job is to ensure a strong chain of command from the Market Management team to the stores.


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A Market Manager is in charge of an entire market where the most important task is to obtain and maintain operational excellence in all stores under his/her responsibility. The role is to ensure continuous education, development on all levels and inspire the workforce following the Moneyball system.

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